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Passport Photo Woes…

First of all, I haven’t traveled over seas since I was 8 yrs old (Manila, Philippines). I had to update my passport…I’m not happy with the picture. With the new passport picture requirements, they need full facial recognition which requires you not to smile, hair tucked behind your ears and no low-cut shirts. I’m telling you this, because I stopped in to get my photo taken at Walgreen’s a couple months before Chile and they had me adjust everything on me. Mind you my shirt was not low-cut, but somehow showed my nude colored bra underneath my black scoop neck tee. The solution: grabbing the first shirt I could find in a pile of souvenir tees in an XL.

Picture this, the color of the tee shirt is Army green with Hernando County in bold white lettering and it’s way too big for me, so the collar was pulled to one side. It’s not a subtle look, because you can see my collar bone. It looks like I got shoved in front of the camera and then click, the picture has been taken.  There’s no, “Hey! Can I see that?” By the way, don’t ask the Walgreen’s photo specialist, if you look okay. They won’t tell you that you need to fix your borrowed shirt. I had my hair tucked behind my ears (I was also experiencing some weird allergic reaction on one of my ears, so it was red and felt like it was pulsating), add my non-smiling face … I look like the newest inmate at a women’s prison. No joke. I didn’t have time to retake, so here my picture sits for the next 10 years. Oh well…at least I can travel the world. ❤